Opal Fly is a singer/songwriter and musician who was born somewhere in western Kentucky, USA.  Born with the unique ability to levitate whilst playing ukulele, Opal Fly has spent much of her present incarnation as migrant philosopher/saint, sometimes appearing before the masses in the form of a jazz and/or blues saxophonist.
This particular manifestation of her being has been sighted in Europe recently, and there have been confirmed instances of her presence among large adoring crowds, where her apparition was duly worshipped by flocks of faithful followers, but some of these instances have been tainted by rumors of police and various other officials stating (for instance): "Move on...Street musicians can only play for thirty minutes here..." or "Your passport clearly states that you were born in Atlantis some thirty thousand years ago, but the Akashic records seem to indicate that you have an earlier connection with some of the Ancient Beings, which could present some problems with the present Judaeo-Christian capitalist war machine."
Saint, martyr, pagan priestess, who knows?  Our recommendation is that you witness in person one of her miraculous appearances, or at least purchase one of her therapeutic compact disc recordings (have been known to increase one's personal  radiance by 28%), before their commercial availability dilutes their individual healing properties...(inanimate objects, like cds, have power too, you know).
Contact:   maryfly13@hotmail.com
European phone: +31(06)38154751
States phone: (479)981-0874